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Headmaster's(Designate) Welcome Letter to Parents

16th August 2021 

Dear Parents, 

It is with great pleasure that I write to you as the newly appointed Headmaster of MKSHK. It is with equal pleasure that I do so from Hong Kong, where I arrived on 12th August, and am in quarantine until 26th. Sadly, this means that I will not be present in person on 23rd August, our Orientation Day, to which all parents and pupils are invited, nor on our first day of term on 24th. 

As an educationalist, I am looking forward to the start of the new term with the same eagerness as the pupils do each year. Our overriding intention is to build upon the good name of Mount Kelly through providing your children with the best academic education possible, complemented by our engaging enrichment and extra-curricular activities that develop support the personal development of your children. Of course, what your children want to know is that they are enjoying school, enjoying lessons, enjoying the activities, and are well placed to achieve success in and through their learning, which as parents, we also want to hear from them. 

My work in education over 25 years, in teaching, leadership, and advisory capacities across schools in the UK and other countries places me in an excellent position to lead our experienced and dedicated teaching and administrative teams. My confidence is bolstered by the new team of Mount Kelly in strengthening the school over the Summer, and the oversight leadership of our Founding Principal, Mr. Gary Wright, as Chair of our Board of Governors. Further support for our school is given by our continuing link with our parent school in England, and our affiliation to the UK's Independent Schools Association, the only Hong Kong school with this honour.

We trust that you too are looking forward to the start of the new term after what we hope was an enjoyable and restful holiday. Before meeting you and your children in person, I am available to receive any questions or comments you'd like to send to me at headmaster@mountkelly.edu.hk . 

My next letter will be sent out on 19th August, and will be accompanied by: 

• a timetable, providing an outline of the school day. This will be a half-day timetable in accordance with the directives of the EDB. We shall have a staggered start for the different phases (EYFS and KS1, KS2, and KS3) from around 08:00, and the same for the finish, at around 13:00 each day.

 • details of the health precautions we are putting in place for your children and family’s safety. 

Following this, will be a plan for the Orientation Day, designed to minimise overlapping contacts outside class ‘bubbles’, in order to comply with EDB/DoH advice to avoid ‘mass gatherings’ where possible. 

Until we meet in person, I wish you our best wishes, an enjoyable end to your summer break, and the same optimism for the coming year that myself and my staff share. 

Paul Ellmes

Headmaster (Designate)