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Timings of the School Day

18th August 2021


School timings and Lesson Timetable.

Please find attached the timings of the school day, which Pre-school shall also follow.

The timetabling of lessons is in the final stages, and I shall be sending out the lesson timetable by the weekend.

This timetable is half-day, in accordance with EDB directive EDB(SDCT)3/PRO/10/1/1 of 2nd August 2021, which instructs a half day timetable, without home learning.

I have staggered the start and end of the day in accordance with public health considerations in order to minimise the groupings of pupils and parents. I have also tried to ensure that those with children in more than one year group are inconvenienced as little as possible. I would ask you to be patient with us as I monitor the effectiveness of the measures, and assess possible changes and improvements over the first two weeks,

Parents of pupils in Years 8 & 9 have been asked to complete a vaccination survey. In accordance with the directive (above) we may be able to open for full time school for these two age groups depending on vaccination status, which is a further reason for an ongoing timetable review.

I shall also observe the practice of other international schools in HK and consider potential changes accordingly, in line with EDB approval.

Click here to download the timetables (按此下載)


Orientation Day 23rd August 2021

Our Orientation for parents and pupils takes place on 23rd August, to which you are all welcome.

Due to the need to observe safety measures for Covid, I shall send out a schedule to you based upon your child / children’s class/es, so that you can visit in comfort and safety.

This schedule will be sent to you later this week.


Emails to the Headmaster

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your emails, questions, and requests, and assure you that I will answer each one personally.

I may, however, not be able to respond in writing immediately, however, I would like to call you in person to acknowledge your message.

Could you therefore include your phone number in your email, and I shall call. If you do receive a call from a private number after emailing me, it may well be me. After we have chatted, I shall reply by email to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, at this time.

Myself and our staff look forward to meeting you all in person, and for me that shall once I have completed quarantine on 26/27th August.