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Job Title:

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher

Purpose of Job

Subject teachers are responsible for maximising the academic progress of the students they teach, working with colleagues to participate fully in the development of the department. Subject teachers promote a positive, purposeful and professional working atmosphere that encourages co-operation and challenge, whilst valuing the contribution that individuals make to the success of the Department.

Duties and Responsibilities

Overall Responsibilities

  • Encourage high standards in all aspects of school life, particularly in student progress
  • Contribute to the effective and efficient running of the School
  • Promote a School culture which is positive, purposeful and professional
  • Support and motivate students, teachers and other School employees
  • Encourage consultation, review and improvement

Teaching and Learning

  • Plan and prepare well-structured, clearly presented lessons appropriate to the abilities of all students and the syllabus being taught
  • Make sure that the classroom is a stimulating environment that facilitates learning
  • Generate enthusiasm for the subject being taught and inspire all students to work to their potential
  • Liaise with the Phase Leaders and Learning Support Department where a student may have special educational needs and with the class teacher or form tutor if a student is experiencing pastoral difficulties
  • Promote high standards of behaviour by encouraging a positive, proactive approach to studying and build productive relationships with students
  • Set homework which is appropriate to the student’s ability and their wider workload, following School policy
  • Assess student’s work accurately and regularly, giving thoughtful and meaningful feedback
  • Promote high standards of organisation
  • Be punctual to lessons
  • Promote high standards in the use of English as the common language and help develop English for Academic Progress
  • Improve, update and maintain materials and resources as needed
  • Complete written assessments and reports according to guidelines and deadlines

Responsibilities to Parents

  • Provide high quality, accurate, constructive and targeted information to parents at Parents' Evenings, in subject reports, incidental meetings and communications
  • Assess, record and monitor the progress of all students according to faculty guidelines to provide accurate information to parents as required

Responsibilities to the Department and School

  • Respect the needs of colleagues regarding co-operation, collegiality, deadlines and team cohesion
  • Participate positively in departmental meetings, follow policies and contribute to making an effective and efficient department
  • Promote professional dialogue, share ideas about teaching and learning and support other teachers in developing good practice and new approaches and initiatives
  • Take part in and contribute to department and whole School INSET activities
  • Enthusiastically contribute cross-curricular links and initiatives and Leadership in Action activities
  • Be involved in new responsibilities within the department as part of an on-going process of professional development
  • Keep up to date with developments in the Subject, and in education generally

Other Responsibilities

  • Undertake other reasonable duties as requested by the Phase Leader or members of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Any duties that the Principal deems necessary for the effective operation of the School

Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Appropriate degree, with UK PGCE, or other teaching qualification giving QTS
  • Informed of EAL strategies, best practice and current research/readings
  • Have curriculum expertise in the UK National Curriculum
  • Experience and expertise as a class teacher
  • Be informed of best practices in Early Childhood Education
  • Passion for teaching and commitment to educating the whole child
  • A high level of professionalism and consideration of the well-being of children
  • Recent and consistent involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Respect for all members of a school community, irrespective of position, gender, age and ethnic background
  • Previous experience working with students for whom English is not their first language
  • A positive and solution-focused attitude to working life
  • Acceptable police checks (or equivalent) from the country of origin and from all other countries in which the applicant has worked and no question regarding suitability to work with children
  • Appropriate references from current and previous employer, corroborated by personal phone calls made to each referee

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