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Head of Schools' Welcome Message

Rain Jones, Head at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mount Kelly Hong Kong. We are a British Preparatory School (Primary and Secondary school), Babies and Toddlers (playgroup), International Preschool and Nursery School where we provide an international British education to boys and girls aged from 12 months to 14 years old. We are a community in which pupils, parents and teachers work together to create a learning environment which is intellectually exciting, academically engaging and imaginatively stimulating.

With a curriculum which ranges across 14 subject areas – from maths to cookery, Chinese (Mandarin) to design, science through art, history, ICT and literature – we aim to nurture curiosity and confidence in our children.

We have art and music facilities that we hope will stimulate our children’s aesthetic senses. You may even get the chance to see our young actors practising their skills in our drama hall. You will note that our library and our computers not only provide valuable and practical learning tools but also open many doors and windows to the wonder that is a private education.

We believe that learning should go beyond the formal classroom, that what a child learns in sport and in games complements the purely academic. Thus, we take great pride in the facilities we access, and we value the sound of our children’s laughter as they run around our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our schools reflect the sense of tradition and timelessness associated with education itself, but it also profits from the life and the energy that our children bring with them.

Mount Kelly Hong Kong is a very special place, and it is so encouraging to see our pupils thrive in small classes under the instruction of our dedicated, nurturing teachers. Interaction between children of all ages throughout the school is a joy to observe.

We do not believe that a child’s potential is limited or predetermined but see, every day, children achieve beyond everything that might have been expected of them. At the heart of all this lies a deep commitment to the physical and emotional well-being of our pupils which reflects our belief that children have a right to feel secure, happy and value.

At Mount Kelly School no one is anonymous, and all our pupils are treated as unique individuals. We know they have talents, abilities and aspirations. They have promise and we aim to help them discover and build on that promise, all while experiencing the joys of a setting that is culturally and historically rich in an international context.

I hope, as you glance through our website you are able to get a glimpse of what it is like to be a student at our school. When you visit, we think you will see that Mount Kelly is as dynamic and exciting as education itself. Whether your child continues their education here in Hong Kong or takes the opportunity to study at our sister school Mount Kelly, in the UK, their time at Mount Kelly Hong Kong will have opened the door to a wealth of opportunities.

Ms. Rain Jones
Head of Schools and Governor

MA University Sains Malaysia
MBA University College London
QTS University of Reading
NPQH National College for School Leadership