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Teaching Assistant

JOB TITLE: Teaching Assistant

REPORTS TO: Head of School


PURPOSE OF JOB: To provide support and assist teachers in the development and education of pupils in our school, by undertaking teaching and non-teaching tasks related to classroom activities and providing basic supervision and care skills.


  • The ability to build good relationships with children, teachers and parents
  • Organisational, planning and IT skills
  • The ability to manage children and cope with challenging behaviour
  • Creativity to design materials and activities



A. Supporting the pupil

  1. To listen to children read, read to them or tell them stories
  2. To help children to complete tasks, by:
  • Clarifying and explaining instructions
  • Ensuring the pupil is able to use necessary equipment
  • Motivating and encouraging the pupil/s
  • Assisting in areas of specific weakness
  • Helping pupil/s to concentrate on and finish work set
  • Assisting in the management of pupils’ social interactions and behaviour
  1. To look after children who are upset or have had accidents
  2. To take all reasonable measures to ensure health and safety in the classroom and other relevant areas within and outside the school premises
  3. To supervise group activities, including outings and sports events


B. Supporting the Class Teacher/Specialist Teachers

  1. To help teachers to plan learning activities that match pupils’ development needs and complete records
  2. To prepare the classroom for lessons and clearing away afterwards
  3. To provide feedback about pupils’ difficulties and/or progress to the Class Teacher
  4. To assist in all specialist lessons where required
  5. To help teachers manage class behaviour
  6. To assist the Class Teacher with classroom displays


C. Supporting the school

  1. To lead regular extra-curricular activities for pupils according to the requirements of the school
  2. To undertake regular breaktime and lunchtime duties in accordance with timetables provided
  3. To attend Open Days and special events where required
  4. To contribute to parent/teacher meetings, as appropriate
  5. To participate in relevant professional development
  6. To be aware of / follow school policies and procedures
  7. To maintain confidentiality about home-school/pupil-teacher/school work matters
  8. To complete any other task as directed by the Head of School or Principal

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