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Mount Kelly Hong Kong

Mount Kelly is an all-through British school with campuses in HK and the United Kingdom. Mount Kelly Hong Kong inherits over 140 years of education experience from Mount Kelly UK, which is a leading elite independent school in England. The school provides a seamless education path from early years to pre-university level and personalised learning in small class sizes. It also has strong and flexible English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, Chinese (Mandarin) and Maths curriculums and a unique leadership programme. 

Our students not only grow to meet the highest standards in education but also acquire our KELLY values: Kindness, Enthusiasm, Love of Learning, Leadership, and Celebrating You. This creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops students' social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives.


Mount Kelly Schools in Hong Kong:

Mount Kelly Babies and ToddlersMount Kelly Babies and Toddlers

Parent-accompanied and parent-unaccompanied playgroups for infants (6 months to 6 years old).

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Mount Kelly International PreschoolMount Kelly International Preschool and Nursery School

Our International Preschool and Nursery School provide Bilingual and International streams, play-based education and follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage.
Nursery (K1), Reception (K2) and Upper Reception (K3) (2 to 6 years old).

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Mount Kelly School Hong KongMount Kelly School Hong Kong (Primary School and Secondary School)

The school follows the English National Curriculum and it currently teaches Years 1 to 9 (5 to 14 years old).

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School Tours

On-site school tours are currently available with on-site and online interviews and assessments.
Please contact our Admissions Team to arrange an individual school visit at your preferred time.
Tel No.: (852) 2157 9557 / Email: admissions@mountkelly.edu.hk

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