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Admissions Policy

Our admissions policy reflects our school ethos, missions and visions and aims to identify and admit children who will benefit from being part of the Mount Kelly family and our English syllabus.
We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage for Preschool and the English National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary. English is the language of instruction; all students are expected to be proficient in it according to their age. We assess every child on an individual basis to ensure they have a successful and fulfilling experience at Mount Kelly Hong Kong and that they meet the objectives of our curriculum. 

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Mount Kelly Hong Kong acknowledges its ethical responsibility to provide equal treatment and opportunities to all students and staff. We are committed to provide all students with a safe and supportive school environment. 
We seek to have a diverse student body and for such we prohibit discrimination based on  race, colour, language, national or social origin, political opinion, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other unacceptable reasons.

Special Learning Support (SLS)

We make every effort to cater for the needs of all children at Mount Kelly School and staff are always happy to discuss your child’s individual needs with you. We believe strongly that every child should be given every chance to succeed, and the earlier we can take those chances the better.

Our SLS department is accessible for Primary and Secondary students who we have identified as needing extra support. Being part of this programme helps the children progress faster as it is run by our specialist teachers with a maximum of seven children per class.


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