Why choose the English National Curriculum?

Living in a large city like Hong Kong, there are so many International School choices and the curriculums they offer: American, Australian, British, French, IB…..the list could go on.

We understand this may be confusing and difficult to choose from if parents are not well versed in the differences between these curriculums.

For this article, we will focus on the British Curriculum and the benefits it can bring your child.

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Highly reputable and globally recognised Educated in British values and manners
Transferrable skills between countries International mindset
Personal development Access to universities in the UK and the world
Personal learning and thinking abilities Prepares pupils for the future



ISC Research data indicates there are now over 11,000 international schools teaching over 5.6 million students worldwide. Over 40% of these schools offer the English National Curriculum, which makes up the single largest curriculum offering worldwide.

Although international schools remain a preferred choice of many expatriate families, Admissions offices in these international schools are seeing that the vast majority of enrolments (approximately 80%) are now children of local families attending an international school in their native country. Obviously, there is a universal appeal for this quality education and a high demand.

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British education has a strong reputation around the world. And with good reason. One of the key features of the curriculum is that it is broad and balanced. But if we look deeper, it is the teaching method used that helps pupils the most, with its strong welfare support for the pupil taking a central position and focus, as well as offering after school activities to further enrich the child’s development. The child is at the heart of the curriculum, taking into account their best interests and teaching them the tools to become a global citizen.

With a strong English foundation, pupils will be able to enter an English-based university anywhere in the world. A pupil’s British education is not only recognized in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States, Canada, and Australia, to name a few other countries.


A British education goes beyond borders, providing a strong foundation and global passport that will allow a pupil entry into any university. Pupils will learn to become critical thinkers and well-rounded individuals, highly capable of entering a higher-level of education.

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Mount Kelly is proud to offer the English National Curriculum in the heart of Hong Kong. Our pupils are the focus of our teachers care, teaching them the skills needed to become independent, critical thinkers of tomorrow whilst focusing on their well-being.

We aspire to be an outstanding British school that is innovative, cutting-edge, progressive and aspirational. We provide an education that nurtures, motivates and encourages curiosity; to inspire and empower a generation of lifelong learners. This education enables students to fulfil their academic, linguistic, sporting and artistic potential therefore developing a positive and creative mindset that will enable them to achieve success at school and later in life.

September 2020, written by Meaghan Mugnier, Admissions and Marketing Director at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

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