A day in the Pre-Nursery

In the International Nursery School, we introduce independence through our three hour unaccompanied classes from 2 years until they move up to Preschool. We support their early social skills alongside their language in both English and Chinese to give them the ability to both listen to others and express themselves confidently. 

At the beginning of their Mount Kelly journey, your child will be introduced to simple English language including colours, shapes, instructions and songs to build their understanding and prepare them for their future at Mount Kelly and beyond.

The children learn vocabulary and numbers through songs and rhymes during Mandarin circle time and explore Chinese characters in Chinese books throughout our setting. 

Children playing in the pre-nursery


An Authentic British Nursery School

To ensure an authentic British education, we follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is adopted in all British nurseries in the UK, including at our sister school Mount Kelly in the UK

We utilise the 7 areas of learning outlined by the EYFS framework to nurture the development of the whole child through integrated learning activities. These 7 areas of learning are: 

  • Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language are the three prime areas of the curriculum which lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and in life. 
  • Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World are the four additional specific areas which provide a range of experiences and opportunities for children to broaden their knowledge and skills.  

We also ensure that we provide learning opportunities using the 3 characteristics of effective learning highlighted by the EYFS. 

  1. Playing and exploring 2. active learning and 3. creating and thinking critically.

We use these to plan for enhancing the children’s environment for learning as well as for classroom activities. We incorporate all these learning areas through our play-based learning approach. 

When they are taking part in a sensory activity, they are incorporating several elements of the EYFS. For example, a child is developing hand control while measuring how much rice it takes to fill up a bottle. 

We focus on independence and laying the foundations to be lifelong learners with skills that will support them long after they leave Mount Kelly. 

Student and teacher playing together in the pre-nursery

Life in the Pre-Nursery

At Mount Kelly, we recognise that each child is unique. Therefore, we celebrate and cater to the diverse needs of each child. We use the EYFS curriculum to create personalised goals for each child in all learning areas and incorporate this in our lesson planning each week to meet each child’s individual needs. Ultimately, we use the curriculum to develop confident, independent learners, preparing them on their journey in British education at Mount Kelly

Our three hour sessions begin with a soft start which allows children to settle before going into a group circle time. This is followed by an extended period of independent play with educational activities and toys. During this period, we focus on their EYFS learning goals and socialisation with their peers. 

Next, we come together again for our Mandarin circle time and then finish with physical development where we burn off some energy doing pre-prepared physical tasks. 

Playtime in the pre-nursery school

We encourage and educate children to care for themselves through our snack and toilet times throughout the day. We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with parents. We encourage and support parental involvement throughout your child’s education. 

We have regular contact with parents in order to maintain good communication about each child’s development and discuss both the school and home life of the child. For example, we assist in toilet training and work together with the parents to determine when the child is ready. 

We have regular Family Days where our children and their families can join teachers and staff in fun activities. It’s a great way for parents to build a network with other families and we have found them to be a great way for parents and children to make friends.

Children also take part in sports days and performances with the rest of the students of the Mount Kelly schools for Christmas which parents are invited to join.

A day in the life of a pre-nursery student to them is fun and full of play, to the teachers it is intentional learning based on the child’s individual learning goals.

November 2020, written by Ms Jeannelle Condame, Pre-Nursery Teacher at Mount Kelly International Nursery School

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