Activities to keep the family active

During this period of COVID, there are many challenges in staying active and in this article, we will give you many fun and exciting ways to keep fit and healthy with your family in Hong Kong. The aim is to get everyone to improve their fitness and wellbeing as much as possible in a safe, fun, yet competitive manner. Therefore, the Mount Kelly Sports department is trying to give our families as many chances as possible. 

Hiking - 5 Peaks Challenge 

The "5 Peaks Challenge" is a new initiative Mount Kelly school is taking to engage our community in a healthy adventure throughout Hong Kong and ideal to keep fit – and, everyone can participate in this challenge! The challenge requires you to climb five different peaks found in Hong Kong over the course of the year. They are located all over the city - some have historical references, and some are in places you and your family may not have been to before. The five peaks we have included in the challenge are:

  1. Tai Mo Shan Peak - 957m - New Territories 
  2. Lantau Peak - 934m - Lantau 
  3. Ma On Shan - 702m - Sai Kung 
  4. Kowloon Peak - 602m - Eastern Kowloon
  5. Mount Parker - 532m - Hong Kong Island 

The 5 Peaks challenge aims to provide several adventures for our families that demand careful planning, determination, endurance, training, skilful navigation and teamwork. We hope the 5 Peaks Challenge will enhance people's self-confidence and aspirations by developing leadership, staying healthy, problem solving, teamwork and hill walking skills. 

Mount Kelly staff member taking part in the 5 peaks challenge

The Mount Kelly Race – An International Competition

This year, our school will also participate in an international race against our sister school, Mount Kelly UK. The Mount Kelly Race is a chance for our community to run either 800m or 1600m (a mile) or both distances as fast as possible. Students from the UK and Hong Kong can compete in the race. 

To complete the race every racer needs to run either 800m or 1600m or both in any location. We suggest going to the Central Waterfront, Happy Valley Racecourse, Bowen Road or any of the running tracks located around the city - you can even use a treadmill. 

Running is an excellent way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful views of Hong Kong - and it can be done with all the members of your family!

Students racing

Home Exercise – PEInActionMKHK

We have set up our very own Physical Education YouTube Channel with lots of simple and fun games for those who would like to exercise from home. In this channel, you can find many family-friendly games, including speed catch, which will test hand-eye coordination and your ability to react to multiple fast-moving objects. It is an excellent way to see who in the family has the best reactions trying to catch as many pens as possible. Another game to do at home is combining bottle toss with noughts and crosses. This fast-paced game will challenge your skill and mental ability to work under competitive circumstances. For more games and fun activities for all the family check out our YouTube channel.

Teachers at Mount Kelly working out

February 2021, written by Mr Richard Lankshear, PE Lead at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

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