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IGCSE Programme

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification and widely recognised by leading universities worldwide. Students at Mount Kelly Hong Kong prepare for their International Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in Years 9 to 11, pupils learn to be independent, passionate, responsible and confident in their preparation for their examinations as well as later on in life.

Our IGCSE programme offers a wide variety of subjects and multiple pathways for our students, catering to different English language proficiency levels. The programme is taught in a small class setting and has a high level of personalisation, thereby ensuring all children receive the needed attention in order to thrive in their examinations.


Our Year 9 pre-IGCSE programme is optional for those who wish to start preparing earlier for their IGCSE. Students can begin studying some of their core subjects, but not yet in the elective ones.


In Years 10 and 11, pupils take part in preparation for the IGCSE exams.


All students must take one English language (first or second language) and one Chinese (Mandarin) language subject (first, second or foreign language). Additionally, all students need to take Mathematics and Science Co-ordinated.


Students are given the option to choose up to three elective subjects:

Art and Design Business Studies Computer Science
Economics World Literature French as a Foreign Language
Global Perspectives Music Additional Mathematics


Music learning as part of the IGCSE programme at Mount Kelly Hong KongIGCSE science lessons at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

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