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Foundation Stage (Preschool)

The curriculum at our Foundation Stage follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is designed to lay the foundations of academic excellence.

At Mount Kelly International Preschool, we offer two streams – Bilingual Stream and International Stream. In our Bilingual Stream, lessons are equally split between English and Chinese. Our International Stream is mainly conducted in English with daily lessons of Chinese. 

Alongside their classroom activities, children enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including our Shackleton sports leadership Programme and our biweekly outdoor classroom learning around different locations in Hong Kong.

Personalised Learning

We believe every child is unique and has different needs. In our International Preschool, classrooms have a low teacher to student ratio of 1: 8 to guarantee students receive optimal attention to their learning. Our small class sizes give children the highest levels of attention and allow teachers to provide an individualised approach helping each child to reach their full potential.

Purposeful Play-Based Education 

Mount Kelly International Preschool’s approach to Early Childhood Education fosters children’s discovery of their world. Children learn through adventure, exploratory and social play. All play activities have a purpose and ensure that children learn to enjoy learning while playing. 

A Well-Balanced Co-Curricular and Leadership Programme

Mount Kelly International Preschool embraces outdoor learning and holistic development. We offer a vast number of co-curricular activities and sports which include our renowned Shackleton Leadership Programme which enhances children social, leadership and teamwork skills, and helps increase their confidence levels.

Transition to Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (Primary School)

Mount Kelly Hong Kong is an all-through British school from infancy to pre-university level meaning children attending Mount Kelly International Preschool have priority admissions to Year 1 at our Primary School.

Preschool Online Learning

Mount Kelly International Preschools offers a comprhensive online learning programme to ensure students continue their education and interacting with their peers during home learning. 

The preschool online learning programme includes:

  • Daily Video Lessons including Circle Time, Maths and Stories
  • Appropriate work set to be completed on Maths, Writing, Reading and Chinese
  • Live Reading Sessions
  • Check-ins with Form teachers


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