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Learning at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

Mount Kelly Hong Kong provides a British international education tailored to meet the needs of students in Hong Kong. We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage for Early Years Education and the English National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary School.


(Babies and Toddlers, International Preschool and Nursery School)

At Mount Kelly Babies and Toddlers (playgroup), International Preschool and Nursery School, we have a play-based approach of the British National Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as a base for supporting the holistic development of the child for Babies and Toddlers (BT), Pre-Nursery (PN), Nursery (K1) and Reception (K2).

Through their play, children build imagination, develop language and reading abilities, strengthen their physical skills and build self-esteem, confidence and friendships. 

At the same time, the EYFS is divided into 7 areas of learning that combine to make up the skills, knowledge and experiences that children acquire as they grow, learn and develop. 

  • Prime Areas: lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and in life.
and Language
Personal, Social
and Emotional Development


  • Specific Areas: provide a range of experiences and opportunities for children to broaden their knowledge and skills. 
Mathematics Expressive
Arts and Design


To know more about our curriculum for Early Years, visit our Babies and Toddlers and International Preschool and Nursery School websites.



(Upper Reception K3, Primary and Secondary School)

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong delivers the English National Curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of international pupils. At Mount Kelly Hong Kong, every child is treated as a unique individual. Our small class sizes allow teachers to tailor the curriculum to each pupil, providing them with individual attention and helping them to achieve their true potential.

English is the language of instruction, while Chinese (Mandarin) and French are essential pillars of our syllabus and therefore are fully integrated into the curriculum.

The school also has a well-balanced co-curricular and leadership programme. It ensures that every child is given opportunities to discover interests and talents, helping them to build character, teamwork skills and self-confidence. Among our activities, we have our Mount Kelly exclusive Shackleton Programme, which celebrates leadership, practical skills and teamwork. 

To know more about our curriculum for Primary and Secondary school, visit our website.