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Most British International Schools are linked to their mother schools back in the United Kingdom but most of them are just a link with some sharing of uniform and values.

Mount Kelly Hong Kong is much more that that! Not only do we guarantee a place at our sister school in Devon, England but we work closely with our friends at Mount Kelly UK and have forged a unique relationship.

Every student who joins our school in Hong Kong is immediately part of the Mount Kelly family. Our students enjoy getting to know their fellow students through our pen pal scheme, shared competitions and aligned themes throughout the year. Ultimately, we are preparing students for life whether that be in Hong Kong or abroad. This is done through our shared curriculum, values and strong links.

Panoramic view of Mount Kelly UK in England


Not many schools can give their students a taster of life at their sister school. Our students from 10 years and above are offered the opportunity to spend a week at Mount Kelly UK with their teachers and students from Hong Kong. During that week, they are hosted in the boarding house and join the school timetable to have the “Mount Kelly Experience”. The students get to enjoy the safe and beautiful environment that the school offers, nestled in sleepy Tavistock on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. There really is no better place to be if you want your child to be immersed in school life, focus on education as well as the outdoor life and be part of a caring community.

When our students return to Hong Kong, they see the world in a different light. They are more grown-up, more self-sufficient and have the drive to learn more about the world. Students who have left Hong Kong after Year 8 and taken up their place in the UK, felt that the annual trip to Mount Kelly UK gave them greater confidence and preparation. On their trip, students get buddied up with an Mount Kelly UK student in the same year group and create friendship groups. On top of this they understand what daily life looks like, are familiar with the setting and boarding life.

Students smiling next to a tree


Our strong links with our sister school means that we are visited annually by the Headmaster from MKUK and he even comes over specially to interview all the students who are entering the school. Once students have a place at our school in Hong Kong then they can seamlessly transfer to the UK after Year 8.

Examinations and school entry tests can be very stressful and daunting for children at the best of times. The beauty of our special links means that students don’t have to complete rigorous formal assessments on a specific test day. Our students are continually assessed by our staff so that we can give a full picture to MKUK about each and every student before they make the move. Thereby, taking away the build up to an assessment day, our students can be calmer in the knowledge that it is a steady stream of information gained from ongoing assessments. This allows students to focus on their studies across the curriculum rather than cramming towards one specific, all or nothing examination.

Every student that enters our caring school community, is allowed to flourish within our shared English national curriculum meaning they won’t have any gaps in knowledge when can happen when you move between different curriculums. We truly offer something unique here at Mount Kelly Hong Kong and allow students a straightforward transition between schools. You are very much part of the Mount Kelly Family when you join our school.

Students smiling in front of house in the UK

October 2020, written by Mr Nick Rothwell, Deputy Head of Schools at Mount Kelly Hong Kong

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