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Declaration of Misleading Debentures

30 Oct 2018 General, Preschool, Preparatory and College


Declaration of Misleading Debentures

It has come to the attention of the School that numerous misleading debentures are being circulated recently requesting for school admissions/refund.

In order to avoid losses that may be incurred to any party and to protect the School’s legitimate interest, School office hereby declares that:

1) School only issues Nomination Certificates (“NC”) for the enrolment to Mount Kelly School Hong Kong.

2) Our solicitors are looking into this issue and the School will reserve the right to take legal action.

3) The School is truly upset on this matter, which is fraudulent in nature.

4) School will not undertake any responsibility or liability in the case of any losses or damages arising from the unofficial instruments.

Please contact our legal team/ admissions office if in doubt for verification

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