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Hong Kong Academic Elite Table Tennis Competition

16 Nov 2021 General, Preparatory and College

The 2021-2022 Hong Kong Academic elite table tennis competition will be held as scheduled. Elite table tennis players from all Academic circles in Hong Kong have launched a fierce competition.

In the face of fierce competition, Lee Yin Yee, an eighth-grade student in our school, with a good attitude and professional skills, was able to perform exceptionally, and lived up to expectations, winning the runner-up in the middle school group and winning glory for the school.

In the competition, the students of our school fully promoted the "friendship first, the game second" and the sports spirit of the Kailishan students, hard work, not arrogant or discouraged, and fully demonstrated the technical level and positive progress of our school's table tennis players. The spiritual outlook.

In order to strengthen physical exercise, improve their physical fitness, and enrich students' after-school life, our school encourages students to actively participate in sports activities, so that students can develop in a comprehensive and balanced manner in moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic, and build a better self.

The excellent results are the result of the school’s active development of "Sunshine Sports" activities and the hard work of all coaches and athletes.

This semester, the school will further create a healthy, progressive and life-loving campus atmosphere to promote the overall development of students' body and mind.

This Hong Kong Academic elite table tennis competition provides students with a platform to show themselves, which not only enriches the students' after-school life, but also demonstrates the spirit of fighting for the first place. I believe they will achieve better results in future competitions!

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