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Special Announcement (19 Nov)

19 Nov 2019 General, Preschool, Preparatory and College

19th November 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mount Kelly School (Primary & Secondary) will continue to be suspended over the next three days (20th to 22nd). We have received a positive phone call from the EDB that they are coming to inspect the school to measure the classrooms for the upcoming Certificate of Accommodation. This is due to our expansion next year as we will have our first IGCSE cohort. In the meantime, we will also arrange a professional team to have an all-round deep clean and air-purification process on our school campus to ensure the students have a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

It is important that all children still receive education whilst we are closed. Therefore, we will continue to send emails to all parents with work for the children to complete or will be adding work onto the google drive for children in secondary to access. Please ensure your child is completing all tasks allocated, as students will be expected to submit the work that has been set upon their return and this will reflect in their school report.

We are thankful for your continuous support and look forward to sharing more positive updates with you.



但即使學校停課了,學生在家中繼續學習也是非常重要的。因此,我們會繼續通過電郵把孩子功課發送給家長,中學部老師會繼續將教材和作業加入Google雲端硬碟(Google Drive), 以便學生在家中學習。請確保你的孩子完成所有老師給予的練習,我們期望所有學生在回校後交回老師所給予的功課,這也會呈現在學生的學期報告裏。


Best regards,

Ms Rain Jones
Head of Schools & Governor

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