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Special announcement (17Nov)

17 Nov 2019 General, Preschool, Preparatory and College

17th November 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you are probably aware the Education Bureau has closed all schools once again tomorrow (18th November) in Hong Kong. The school will continue to monitor developments and will inform the school community if we will be opening on Tuesday (19th November). Unfortunately as the school will be closed tomorrow, we will not be holding an inset day for all staff and will have to reschedule the date. We continue to advise you to keep listening to news on the media and updates on our school website, email and SMS should there be any updates.

Following the EDB guidelines, for your child’s safety, please keep your child at home. Our children’s safety is our number one priority, but we also care about ensuring they do not miss out on the curriculum. It is important that all children still receive education whilst we are closed. We will continue to send emails to all parents with work for the children to complete or will be adding work onto the google drive for children in secondary to access. If you have not received any emails or are struggling to access the google drive please let us know. 

We will keep you updated on any developments.


你可能也留意到,教育局宣佈了全港學校明日(11月18日) 繼續停課。學校會繼續留意事情發展,並通知學校社群學校星期二(11月19日)會否復課。很遺憾地,由於學校將於明天停課,原本計劃的教師發展日將會改期進行。我們繼續建議家長留意媒體上的新聞,以及我們通過學校網頁、電郵和訊息上發出的最新消息。

根據教育局指引,為確保孩子安全,家長應該把孩子留在家中。學校一直把學生的安全放在首位,我們也同樣關心學生學習,確保他們跟上課程。即使學校停課了,學生也應該在家中繼續學習。我們會繼續通過電郵把學生功課發送給家長,中學部老師會繼續將教材和作業加入Google雲端硬碟(Google Drive), 以便中學生在家中學習。如果你還未收到任何有關功課的電郵或無法登入Google雲端硬碟,請聯絡學校校務處。


Best regards,

Ms Rain Jones
Head of Schools & Governor

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