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Pastoral care

Pastoral care is a central part of life at Mount Kelly Hong Kong. We know children thrive in an atmosphere of care and support; they succeed when they feel happy and at ease in their surroundings. Drawing on the experience and outstanding pastoral care systems of Mount Kelly UK, we have several key structures in place to ensure a happy, safe and nurturing environment.

Each student’s pastoral care is first and foremost the responsibility of the class teacher (Year 1 to Year 4) or form tutor (Year 5 to Year 9). This gives each child a clear line of contact should they wish to speak to an adult. Each class has dedicated time each day which they spend with their class teacher/form tutor, providing plenty of opportunity for discussions to be had either individually or as a class/form.

In addition, all members of staff have a responsibility to provide pastoral support to all students and should bring any potential issues to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team. The Head of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong is the Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL) holding overall responsibility for pastoral care in the school.

The school also has a Student Council with a member of each class being elected as a representative. This encourages discussion and ideas amongst the children and forms a line of communication for those children who would rather speak to a fellow class member before an adult.

All students are guided by seven simple values, which encourage a caring community and convey clear expectations:

  • Treat others as we expect to be treated
  • Forgive
  • Share
  • Listen
  • Be honest with ourselves and others
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Do our best to be our best

The moral and spiritual education of all is paramount to the make-up of our school. Through regular school assemblies, class or tutor group discussions or PSHE lessons, all members of our community are encouraged to make the right decisions and care for those around them.  The opportunity to learn from the example of others is one of the most important aspects of our programme.