Importance of Independence in Children

On the 22nd of January, Mr Nick Rothwell and I spoke to the wider community about the importance of independence in children. Once a month, Mount Kelly International Preschool offers free Parent Master Classes based on requests from our families.

The importance of independence

In January, we explored different terminologies such as helicopter parents, authoritarian parents, uninvolved parents, among many others. This led to the conclusion that there is no one way to parent children. However, based on the way parents were raised, they often follow the same guidelines as to how they were raised, changing areas that they see need improving. 

The one thing we all agreed upon as a group is that there is no correct way to parent a child, as we all come from different belief systems. Based on this, we decided to explore how we can make our children more resilient, confident, self-aware, motivated and many other features.

Using some tips we have put together, we have encouraged families that have joined us to consider giving more responsibility to their children to encourage lifelong skills needed throughout their lives and help them gain independence.

Independence in young children has many benefits


A few simple things you can do to help promote independence in children are:

  • Give your child some chores to do. They will feel responsible for contributing to the family home and gain a sense of accomplishment. Depending on your child’s age, it could be to put away all the toys daily, set the table, take out the trash, tidy their room or making the weekly grocery list. 
  • Again, based on age, model how to dress, undress or cook, clean, iron and other house chores so they can do it in their own time without depending on someone else to do it. 
  • Don’t fight their battles. Allow them to work out issues with their siblings, peers, teachers, etc. Once they learn this skill, they will always feel a sense of accomplishment and their confidence will skyrocket. 

January 2021, written by Ms Hanady Fawzy, Deputy Head at Mount Kelly International Preschool

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